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Commercial Property Podcast

Episode 1: Commercial vs Residential Property

In this inaugural episode of the 12-part series, hosts Phil Tarrant and Scott O’Neill, director of Rethink Investing, unpack why investing in commercial property is often overlooked and how this program will help everyday Australians become informed about the commercial sector.

Tune in to hear Scott and Phil outline the three types of commercial property, the pros, and cons of investing in commercial over residential, and the key terms to become familiar with before beginning your commercial property investment journey.


What You’ll Learn

– What commercial property is, and the three types of commercial property

– Why commercial property investment is often overlooked

– The pros and cons of investing in commercial compared to residential

– The common myths about investing in commercial property

– How COVID has affected the commercial market

– Why commercial property can bring you higher cash flow and set you up for retirement

– The key terms and information you should have under your belt before jumping in

– How the Inside Commercial Property podcast will inform everyday Australians on the commercial sector