Sid Widge

Sid is a seasoned property investor with a portfolio in both residential and commercial properties that he has successfully built over the past decade. He is also a valued, past client of Rethink, providing him with a unique understanding from a client’s perspective. Sid started his career in engineering and spent 20+ years in the corporate world […]

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Terran-Jane Humphreys

Terran-Jane Humphreys is the Executive Assistant to Managing Director, Scott O’Neill. Terran’s background consists of nine years of experience as an Executive Assistant, including six years of corporate legal experience. She is Scott’s right hand who effortlessly anticipates various needs and assists our Director daily on all things Rethink. Terran’s involvement in Scott’s property transactions […]

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Paige Bridgman

Paige is an experienced manager and administrator with over 4 years of previous experience in the health industry. She brings meticulous attention to detail, exceptional organisation skills and a strong focus on building rapport and meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients alike. Paige continuously delivers high-level support to 6 of our Property Strategists and liaises […]

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Josh Prissman

Josh is a dynamic Office Administrator and Client Liaison at Rethink Investing. With impeccable organizational skills, Josh efficiently manages new client onboarding, ensuring seamless communication and satisfaction. With a wide range of experience in fields such as engineering and architecture, their adept multitasking abilities and unwavering commitment to team support make them a valuable asset, […]

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Maya Thomas

Maya is an emerging professional in the field of real estate and property development, bringing a unique blend of practical experience and academic expertise to the industry. With two years of dedicated service in the Real Estate Industry, Maya has honed her skills in sourcing investment properties, meticulously analyzing market trends, and identifying promising growth […]

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Jennifer Drew

Introducing Jennifer Drew, Rethink Investing’s Residential Sales and Acquisitions Manager with nine years of real estate experience focused on residential sales. She brings extensive operational and business management, people, client, and project management expertise, as well as compliance knowledge, and is a licensed real estate agent in multiple states across Australia. In a field where […]

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Shavan Patel

Hello, I’m Shavan, As a Due Diligence Analyst at Rethink Investing, I bring a strong foundation in property and a commitment to meticulous analysis in the fields of property leasing, property sales, and property finance. I hold a Bachelor of Property in Development, Investment, and Valuation from the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), which […]

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George Hatzimihail

George Hatzi is a Property Analyst in our Due Diligence team, with over 9 years of property and construction industry experience. George conducts critical analysis for both commercial and residential assets, working closely with external parties to deliver accurate information to clients. He specializes in analyzing the reliability of tenants, assessing their financial stability, rental […]

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Darren Turner

Darren Turner is an experienced real estate analyst. He specialises in financial analysis and due diligence across the major real estate market sectors. His real estate career spans over 20 years with expertise gained from valuation, real estate banking and asset management.  Previously he managed $75 million real estate portfolio for high-net-worth investors and completed […]

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Edgar Hernandez

Edgar Hernandez is an accomplished property analyst at Rethink Investing, with more than 7 years of experience and a track record of assessing over 2.5 billion dollars worth of deals. Specializing in commercial properties, he leverages his background in development & construction to evaluate the potential of future projects and identify opportunities to optimize deal […]

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