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About Edgar Hernandez

Edgar Hernandez is an accomplished property analyst at Rethink Investing, with more than 7 years of experience and a track record of assessing over 2.5 billion dollars worth of deals. Specializing in commercial properties, he leverages his background in development & construction to evaluate the potential of future projects and identify opportunities to optimize deal revenues.

Edgar’s strength lies in his keen analytical skills and numerical acumen, coupled with a steadfast commitment to due diligence. His meticulous approach to number crunching means that whenever he uncovers discrepancies, he actively assists clients in negotiating for discounts. He ensures that clients make well-informed investment choices by delivering a comprehensive understanding of assets through extensive property and market research.

Edgar’s qualifications and expertise, which include a Master of Property Development and Investment, a real estate agent license, and hands-on construction experience, distinguish him as an exceptional analyst and an ideal partner for commercial property investment.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Edgar enjoys an active lifestyle, participating in sports such as skydiving, dirt-biking, and cycling.


  • Master Of property Development & investment, University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineer, School of Engineers Colombia

Accreditations: Class 2 agent in NSW.

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