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Who we are

Rethink Financing are Australia’s specialists in
Commercial Property Financing. Established
in 2017, we work in synergy with Rethink

Investing and Rethink Property Lawyers.
Director & Senior Mortgage Broker, Son
Pham, heads our team of experienced
brokers. Our specialists work
closely to assist each client to achieve the
single goal of a lifelong prosperous
relationship with money.
In other words,
wealth creation.

Award-winning commercial property financers

What we do

Commercial loans

Residential loans

Trust/Company loans

SMSF loans

Why choose us

Australia’s financing experts

As Australia’s specialists in Australian
commercial property financing, Rethink
Financing understands credit policy and how
to find
the loans that best suit our clients’
goals, circumstances and objectives. An
intimate knowledge of the myriad Australian
financing lenders enables our
brokers to secure the perfect loan for you.

We help you build wealth through property

It is not always about getting the lowest rate,
as low-rate lenders can make it difficult to
secure a loan. Leveraging is the key and, with

our expert guidance, your wealth will build
via the growth and yield of commercial

Premium brokers

As Australia’s leading financing experts,
Rethink Financing brokers have exclusive
access to resources, credit and banks. The
for you is over 30 lenders to choose
from and access to thousands of loans.
Operating in a rare space denied to many
other brokers
means superior outcomes
for you, our clients.

Superior expertise

With over 23 years of combined experience,
our prowess to think outside the box is what
sets us apart as specialists in Australian

commercial property financing. While other
brokers just consider major banks, Rethink
Financing works with major banks, tier 2

banks, non-banks, non-conformers
and private lenders.

Financial planning background

We come from a financial planning
background so we understand more about
tax, structures and the overall environment
than the
average broker. Our Rethink
Financing experts utilise different structures
and strategies to tailor each loan and
understand the
importance of credit policy
in finding that perfect deal.

Harnessing the power of commercial property

Over the past five years alone, Rethink
Financing, along with Rethink Investing, and
Rethink Property Lawyers, have completed

billions worth of investment-grade
commercial property transactions. Each of
these commercial assets has added
significant value to
our clients’ portfolios
through the careful sourcing of the best
loans with favourable terms. Consistent
wealth-building for our clients
established Rethink Financing
as Australia’s specialists in Australian
commercial property financing.

Rental yield calculator

An interest rate 1 per cent lower on average
could reduce your payback period by an
entire year. For more information, check out
our rental yield calculator.

Our team

Son Pham

Director & Senior Mortgage Broker

Melissa Ristevski (Stojanovic)

Senior Mortgage Broker

Nathan Nguyen

Senior Mortgage Broker

Brian Ho

Senior Mortgage Broker

Dean Nguyen

Mortgage Broker

Meg Saraswat

Mortgage Broker

Kevin Truong

Mortgage Broker

Robert Mair

Business Manager

Phuong Nguyen

Practice Manager

Yuri Rymonte

Broker Support

Maritel Badillo

Broker Support

Elaine Madriguera

Broker Support

Rose Tumbaga

Broker Support

Contact us

Level 1, 4/403 Hume Highway
Liverpool, NSW, 2170

02 9821 3483

Privacy policy

At Rethink Financing, we are committed to protecting
your privacy. We use the information you provide to
advise about and assist
with your financial needs. We
only provide your information to the companies with
whom you choose to deal (and their
We do not trade, rent or sell your information. If you
don’t provide us with full information, we can’t properly
you. You can check the information we hold
about you at any time. For more information about our
Privacy Policy, ask us for a copy
or click here for
the statement.

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