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Australia’s specialists in
commercial property law

Rethink Property Lawyers are Australia’s specialists in Australian Commercial Property Law. Focusing solely on commercial property law allows us to excel in this field, delivering unrivalled results for you, our valued clients. With more than 20 years combined experience in commercial property law, we will help you navigate through the complexities of commercial property transactions with ease.

Why choose us

Superior expertise

The high-grade commercial assets that we purchase for our valued clients vary in complexity from small, entry-level commercial properties worth $500,000 to $40 million purchases Australia wide. We are highly experienced in completing transactions for large commercial assets with multiple tenancies, as well as industrial and retail premises.

Thorough due-diligence

As Australian commercial property law experts, we understand the importance of thoroughly vetting the tenant, their business, and the property itself, prior to purchase. We advocate on behalf of you, the buyer, making certain that there are no surprises in relation to the contract or the lease, and if there are any, we negotiate on your behalf to secure a favourable deal. We undertake extensive searches relating to the tenants, the business and the property, to make certain that each investment will add value to your portfolio.

We help you maximise your wealth

In the past five years alone, Rethink Property Lawyers, together with Rethink Investing, have completed over $3 billion worth of investment-grade commercial property transactions. Each of these commercial assets has added significant value to our clients’ portfolios through carefully sourcing prime opportunities tailored to meet each client’s specific performance goals.

Unrivalled experience

The benefit of over 20 years of combined experience in commercial property law means that we’re meticulous in our research, are detailed in our processes and experienced with the differing laws for commercial property law, Australia wide.

Among other things we go above and
beyond to ensure that:

There are no matters that will prohibit you from enforcing your rights under your negotiated lease.
There are no outstanding obligations or clauses that you may not be aware of in the contract or any matters that may compromise your lease.
There are no undischarged arrears or pending issues with the property when you take over as the new owner.


The nature of commercial property transactions can mean that you often need your contract to be reviewed expediently but expertly. Rethink Property Lawyer’s clients enjoy a swift turnaround of advice and information. With assistance 24 hrs a day we provide support when you need it most, even if required on weekends.

Save you money

By providing thorough and detailed reviews, we save our clients money on things that may be overlooked by less experienced professionals. Our slightly higher fee base offers clients real value-for-money by ensuring that we thoroughly examine the proposal from a legal perspective. The resulting detailed review will give you the peace of mind to move forward.

Practise Australia wide

Experienced with commercial property transactions across all states, we provide the convenience of a one-stop shop for all your commercial transactions nationally. No more having to deal with different solicitors or parties for each of the states you may invest in. You will experience a streamlined and consistent process across the board while building your future property portfolio.

Our process

Contract exchange

This is where contracts are signed by both parties and both parties are locked into the transaction. Prior to this stage, the lawyer will ensure that you can sign the contract, specifying a due diligence period so that we have time to undertake a detailed review of the property without the possibility of losing it to another buyer. Rethink Property Lawyer’s expert team will facilitate this as swiftly and safely as possible for you.

Order inspections on your behalf

Once contracts are exchanged and a sufficient due diligence period has elapsed, Rethink Property Lawyers will arrange inspections of the
property on your behalf.

Review reports

Any building and pest reports or body corporate reports will be reviewed by Rethink Property Lawyers and if any issues need to be resolved prior to going unconditional, these will be addressed by Rethink Property Lawyers through the formal contractual channels.

Thorough due diligence process

During the due diligence process, Rethink Property Lawyers will review the contract, the lease and undertake all necessary searches to ensure there are no concerns. Rethink Property Lawyers will undertake a commercial review of the leases, numbers and overall review of the performance potential of the property as outlined in the due diligence document.


Once due diligence is completed and you have obtained unconditional finance, (prior to going unconditional), Rethink Property Lawyers will liaise with you and your bank closely to take you all the way to settlement.

Sam Saad


  • Founder of Rethink Property Lawyers
  • Over 10 years of experience in commercial property law
  • Over $2 billion worth of investment-grade commercial property transactions
  • Takes a proactive, commercial and pragmatic approach with all clients
  • Firmly believes that there’s always a solution to any problem that presents itself
  • Guided by the philosophy that legal advice should be timely, accessible and part of the solution
  • Extensive experience with providing tax advice on mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, corporate tax and other indirect taxes