Dylan Menzies

Dylan is a seasoned business owner, property developer and now commercial acquisitions specialist in New Zealand with a robust background in civil engineering, project and development management. With a diploma in civil engineering and project management, Dylan has utilized his expertise to found, develop, and sell multiple million-dollar businesses successfully. Over the course of their […]

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Steve Mucha

Steve brings over 15 years of rich experience in architecture and property development to our team. Moving to Australia in 2010, his international perspective and expertise have made him a valuable asset to Rethink Investing’s diverse projects. As a lead designer, Steve has overseen numerous ventures across residential and commercial sectors. His keen eye for […]

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Gareth Wills

With 13 years of experience in the digital media industry, Gareth has successfully established three startup companies within the Australian market spanning across technology, publishing, and media networks.  Six years ago, he initiated his venture into commercial real estate through an existing Client of Rethink Investing. Gareth’s initial investment materialised in the acquisition of an […]

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Nick Russell

Nick is a dedicated professional renowned for his end-to-end management of property transactions. With a commitment to integrity and fostering enduring relationships, Nick prioritises long-term partnerships. Employing a solution-oriented approach to negotiations, he meticulously attends to every detail, ensuring optimal outcomes. Nick’s extensive background encompasses diverse roles, including tenure in the acquisitions division of a […]

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Pierce Coles-Sinclair

Allow us to introduce you to Pierce Coles-Sinclair, a remarkable individual who has made significant strides with Rethink Investing in the world of commercial property investing. In 2022, Pierce embarked on an exciting journey with Rethink Investing, where he collaborated closely with CEO Scott O’Neill and National Acquisitions Manager Robert Martin to achieve the outstanding […]

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Mark Slater

Mark Slater works as an Acquisitions Specialist for Rethink Investing, sourcing commercial property assets in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Mark is an authentic and self-aware business operator, with a proven track record of developing business-to-business and client relationships. Mark is values-driven with a highly constructive and collaborative negotiation style. Mark’s breadth of experience includes […]

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Krystal Bosward

Krystal Bosward is an esteemed Acquisitions Specialist at Rethink Investing. She specialises in securing off-market opportunities, with her strength being within the commercial, retail and medical sectors. Over the past 12 months alone, Krystal has individually settled over $140 million worth of commercial property for Rethink Investing’s clients. Krystal provides Rethink clients’ a breadth of […]

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AJ Jayathunge

Position: Acquisitions Specialist With over 6 years of experience within Construction Project Management and the Commercial Buyers Agent Industries, AJ brings a diverse range of skills to his role as Acquisition Specialist at Rethink Team. Having worked in three different countries; Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, and Australia, and he received his MSc in Project Management and BSc […]

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