Rhys Lawson

With a decade-long immersion in Supply Chain/Logistics, Rhys has navigated diverse roles, from family-owned operations to global leaders such as Maersk Line. His journey includes pivotal stints at Yara International and Cushman & Wakefield, refining his prowess as a Procurement/Supply Chain Analyst. Transitioning into online retail, Rhys spearheaded transformative vendor management initiatives, driving efficiency and […]

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Scott O’Neill

Scott O’Neill is a former civil engineer who transitioned into the realm of professional property investment. Acquiring financial freedom by the age of 28. Fuelled by an unwavering passion for property and finance, Scott dedicated years to cultivating his expertise within the real estate market. His tenacity and acumen led him to not only become […]

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Rebecca Maher

Rebecca is a highly motivated and enthusiastic marketing specialist with excellent business strategy insight having over 8 years of industry experience. Throughout her career, she has acquired exceptional exposure from working in a wide range of organisations from global businesses to SMB start-ups. She has gained experience in multiple industries across Australia, Europe, the UK, […]

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