We are delighted to introduce the updated edition of “Rethink Property Investing,” which holds a distinguished status as the best-selling book on commercial property investing of all time. This book is backed by a wealth of experience totalling over $4.25 billion in commercial property purchases.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll discover a wealth of practical insights, pragmatic advice, and numerous real-world examples. Our aim in crafting this invaluable guide is to transform the way individuals perceive and approach the property market. We aspire to shift people’s focus from the conventional route of exclusively considering residential properties, opening new opportunities for a wider audience to explore the profitable realm of commercial investments.

This book transcends being a simple collection of knowledge; it serves as a profound and impactful exploration of the commercial real estate investment world. It is narrated through the lens of our personal journey, which took us from the domain of residential properties to the high-yield landscape of commercial real estate, which includes experiences in industrial estates, shopping centres, medical facilities, and a wide array of other ventures.

The revamp of this book was fuelled by the aim to elevate its level of detail and applicability in today’s property market. We delve into the consequences of the pandemic on commercial real estate and the shift in interest rates from historically low levels. Within its pages, you’ll find groundbreaking data illustrating the extended growth trajectories of distinct commercial asset categories—unveiling revelations that challenge conventional beliefs regarding both residential and commercial real estate.

In the ever-changing financial landscape, this book asserts that it is not enough to rely solely on traditional methods; it requires us to rethink, readjust, and renovate strategies to align with the evolving times.

This book serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to continuous education. It extends a warm invitation to both our readers and potential investors, encouraging them to embrace a new asset class once they have a comprehensive understanding of it. Our goal is to empower those aspiring to achieve financial independence through real estate by harnessing the potential of current market trends. With the launch of this book, we are charting a fresh path toward successful property investment.

We trust that you will find this book both informative and captivating, as it unfolds the narrative of our accumulated years of expertise and personal property investing journey.

What’s New?


The definitive guide to building a profitable commercial property portfolio— now fully updated and revised.

Australia’s bestselling commercial property book, Rethink Property Investing, offers practical advice for any investor looking to move beyond traditional residential real estate and enter the profitable world of commercial properties. Leading investors Scott and Mina O’Neill show you how they retired at the age of 28 and now live off the income generated by their $75 million commercial property portfolio. This invaluable guide dispels the investing myths and demystifies complex property principle sand strategies using a clear, straightforward, and easy-to-understand approach.

This is the book Scott and Mina wished they had when they started out: an honest, no-nonsense handbook filled with practical examples, personal stories, expert advice and real-world information. Rethink Property Investing aims to help you earn enough passive income to retire early and enjoy your life — whether you’re a residential property investor looking to go to the next level or an experienced investor seeking a more advanced approach. Now fully updated and revised, this edition shares detailed new property examples and gives the lowdown on value-add opportunities and investment strategies like syndicates.

Rethink Property Investing will show you how to:

  • Build your own commercial property portfolio following 7 Easy Steps and the Top 5 Property Plays
  • Follow the strategies Scott and Mina O’Neill used to build a $75 million portfolio in 12 years
  • Maximise the performance of your existing property portfolio using proven techniques
  • Understand how different commercial properties perform, especially in the current economic climate and with current interest rates
  • Find the best commercial property opportunities available today so you can build a $200K passive income

Learn how you can create wealth successfully through commercial property investing, using simple yet powerful strategies from two people who have been there and done that. From developing an investment mindset to financing and managing your property, Rethink Property Investing will guide you every step of the way.

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