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Scott O'Neill talks all things commercial investing with the Your Money team.
Scott O'Neill discusses some of his early property deals which set him up to build an $18,000,000 property portfolio. All by the age of 31!
Scott pinpoints the best commercial properties to invest in and breaks down the costs involved when investing in commercial, along with the huge passive income potential
Want to know exactly what we live and breath every day? Well here is a little summary of what we do. Happy Investing!


  • Why Brisbane property is set for great capital growth

    Over the last 10 years, Brisbane has suffered the GFC and floods. As a result, prices are now extremely affordable for a capital city.

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  • 'Lessons Learnt from a Property Strategist'

    As an Engineer by trade, I always had a fascination with numbers. At the time, I thought working hard and being good at my job meant I would earn big dollars and get to live the life I wanted.

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  • How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate 

    Tip 1: Look for long leases. A three, five or 10-year lease, with an option to renew. Long lease = more security!

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  • 'My Investing Story' By Rob Martin

    Property, for me, is an opportunity to increase wealth, but more importantly, a chance to relax in my later years of life. I first entered the property market in 2012

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  • What is your Motivation to Invest in Property?

    For myself, it was the dissatisfaction of working long hours in a job I never had a passion for. Property investing was the only opportunity I could think of that gave me a chance to bring retirement forward.

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