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Episode 4: Crunching the numbers

In this episode of Inside Commercial Property – With Rethink Investing, hosts Phil Tarrant and Scott O’Neill are joined by Steve Palise, Rethink Investing’s head property strategist, to break down exactly what it takes to move forward with a commercial purchase and how it’s more like buying residential than some may think.

The trio delve into the upfront purchasing costs required, why different commercial assets grow at different rates, and identify cash flow opportunities that come with growing a commercial portfolio.


What You’ll Learn

– Resilience within the property market during Covid-19

– The benefits of investing in commercial property

– What you’ll need up front to get started in commercial property

– The Rethink Investing commercial property buying strategy

– Why commercial property is all about ‘net’ yields instead of ‘gross’ like residential

– An example of how you can pay off commercial in under ten years


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