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About Rethink Investing

Accumulating wealth through property investing

Investing in property can be an incredibly lucrative strategy to generate wealth by providing strong and stable returns on investment. The type of property (residential or commercial), location and investment type (cash-flow vs growth), all have a significant impact on the speed and quality of the returns that you will receive.

Premium property portfolios

The property portfolios that we build for our clients are robust and diverse and include a mixture of high-grade commercial and residential properties across varying markets. These superior portfolios are designed to weather any potential downfalls in the market by employing positive gearing, high cash-flow and capital growth strategies, and investing in high growth corridors Australia wide.

The Rethink Investing strategy

Access to ‘Pre’ and ‘off’ market properties allow you to accumulate more properties sooner, ultimately resulting in a multiplier effect on your capital gains in the long term.
Our experienced buyers’ agents are adept at identifying rare, high-grade commercial and residential investment properties which will generate significant cash returns on your initial investment.
We purchase houses with land (not apartments), dual key occupancy properties, commercial properties and build new housing developments. This gives you the ability to add value down the track though development, renovations, subdivisions.
We focus on rising markets at the beginning of their cycles. We then look deeper into these sub-markets to secure the highest yielding commercial and residential properties within these markets.
We assist you in creating a unique property investment plan which encompass your needs, goals and desired outcomes. We then help you to secure your ideal property.
We often source (and build) granny flats, duplexes and unit-blocks, which accommodate more than one tenant, so that we may garner a greater rental income for you and ultimately a higher cash-flow.

Mina & Scott O’Neill
’From 0 to $46.5 Million’

Back in 2009, Mina and Scott set out to challenge this ‘traditional way’ of property ownership, by researching alternative markets where cash-flow and capital growth prospects were better than what was on offer in their local area (Sydney). They followed a strategy which involved purchasing properties with positive cash-flow but were also in high-growth areas. In the early days, this was a purely residential method of investing.

However, by always following where the ‘numbers’ make good sense, they soon realised the limitations of residential property investing. The yields on offer in the residential markets were simply not strong enough to build a self-sustaining portfolio. So they had to look elsewhere. This leads them to the lucrative world of commercial property. Before jumping into the commercial property market they invested thousands of hours of research into learning the fundamentals of the industrial, retail, office and speciality commercial sectors. After which they purchased their first commercial property in Perth in 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

Today they have a $46,500,000 portfolio spread over 26 properties. This portfolio produces them a passive income of $1,300,000 per annum after all outgoings and mortgage costs have been accounted for. So they effectively never have to work again. However, they choose to help others follow the same investing strategies that worked so well for them. Since forming Rethink Investing they have helped 2,400 families invest into the property market in the same style of investing which Scott and Mina still follow today.

They have regularly been featured in all major news publications for their comments on the commercial and residential property markets. In 2019 they won Strategic Investor of the year, awarded by Your Property Investment Magazine (recognising the importance of high yielding investing).

For more information listen to our podcast The pros and cons of managing a $46.5 million portfolio’

The Rethink Investing team

At Rethink Investing, we only work with the best talent to offer you superior service you can trust.
While our head office is based in Sydney, our buyer’s agents operate all across Australia.

Scott O’Neill


  • Founder of Rethink Investing, named Australia’s fastest-growing buyer’s agency in 2017 & 2018 according to the Australian Financial Review
  • Successful individual investor, with a personal portfolio worth over $46.5 million at 34 years of age
  • Purchased over $2 billion in real estate for clients
  • Winner of the Your Investment Property ‘2019 Strategic Investor of the year’
  • Author of best selling real-estate book ‘Rethink Property Investing’ (10,000 copies sold in 3 months)
  • Involved in multi-million dollar syndicates purchasing high-value commercial real-estate with significant investment upside
  • Hosts the top rating podcast, Inside Commercial Property

Mina O’Neill


  • Founder of Rethink Investing, named Australia’s fastest-growing buyer’s agency in 2017 & 2018 according to the Australian Financial Review
  • Successful individual investor, with a personal portfolio worth over $46.5 million
  • Purchased over $1.75 billion in real estate for clients
  • Winner of the Your Investment Property ‘2019 Strategic Investor of the year’
  • Author of best selling real-estate book ‘Rethink Property Investing’ (10,000 copies sold in 3 months)

Melissa Bator

Business Manager

  • Accomplished professional with 10 years + management experience in small to medium businesses, primarily healthcare and legal
  • Strong success in driving cost reductions in relation to business and project management in accordance with analysing business needs
  • Successful track record building core relationships with internal and external stakeholders to achieve business outcomes
  • Extensive experience in all areas of business administration including project management, staff management, HR, finances and facilities management
  • Currently completing Master of Business Administration

Robert Martin

Acquisitions Manager and Buyer’s Agent

  • Fast approaching 700 property transactions
  • Licensed buyers agent in multiple states Australia wide
  • Successful individual investor, with a personal portfolio of $15+ million (commercial & residential)
  • 15 years in real estate with a strong focus in construction & development
  • Acquired over $500 million in assets for Rethink Investing customers

Jennifer Drew

Residential Acquisitions Manager

  • Over seven years experience in real estate, primarily focused in residential sales
  • Five years experience in operational and business management
  • 15 years in people, client and project management
  • Extensive experience in real estate compliance
  • Licensed agent in multiple states Australia wide
  • Strong focus on building strong and long lasting relationships with clients and agents

Krystal Bosward

Settlements and Acquisitions Specialist

  • Specialises in off-market commercial retail opportunities
  • Acquired over $40 million in commercial retail transactions since 2021
  • Over 5 years experience in the commercial property & finance industries
  • Intrinsic investor profile vetting to determine financial capabilities, capacity & risk
  • Conducted comprehensive analysis on 50+ commercial assets in under 12 months
  • Secured finance for hundreds of Australian businesses and multinational corporations
  • Analytically-minded with a high aptitude in discerning what constitutes a strong investment

Simon Greenfield

Property Strategist

  • Over $200 million of property sold, leased and purchased for clients during his career
  • The better part of 10 years in the property sector
  • Diverse market knowledge from previous positions (Residential Sales Agent ‘Savills Australia’, Commercial Associate Director of Sales & Leasing ‘Taylor Nicholas’)
  • Licenced real-estate agent and buyer’s agent in multiple states Australia wide
  • Meticulous organizational skills, professionalism & attention to detail with each client’s needs
  • Experienced property strategist and analyst with a focus on assessing strengths/weaknesses

Jamie Orr

Property Strategist

  • Transitioned from residential property strategist to commercial lead in one year
  • Licensed buyer’s agent with over 100 properties purchased Australia wide
  • 15 years experience in sales and a focus on excellent customer service
  • Passionate about helping people achieve their goals
  • Razor focused on due diligence and a master of negotiations
  • Committed to building client relationships and ensuring a seamless process
  • Clients feel confident, heard, and educated throughout the investment process

Maroun Khoury

Property Strategist

  • Experienced commercial property strategist
  • 15 years corporate sales, operations, people and client management
  • Extensive business knowledge from 16 years of running a successful business
  • A strategic thinker with exceptional internal process and systems knowledge
  • Dedicated to working collaboratively with clients to reach their goals
  • Highly organised and extremely passionate about building client relationships

Terran-Jane Humphreys

Executive Assistant

  • 8 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant
  • 6 years’ of corporate legal experience
  • Acts as Scott O’Neill’s first point of contact
  • Liaises between agents, buyers, and solicitors to ensure seamless delivery
  • Deals with 30-40 commercial contracts per month
  • Strong communication and organizational skills with a high attention to detail

Jessica Sherwood

Settlements and Operations Co-ordinator

  • Settled over 400 purchases
  • Assisted with the acquisition of over 68 residential properties from 2020 – 2021
  • Developed the due diligence report
  • Assists with arranging inspections and manages the workflow of each residential and commercial sale
  • Negotiates the best rates for property management

Edgar Hernandez

Due Dilligence Analyst

  • Due diligence on over $5 billion in real-estate for clients
  • Experienced in planning and sourcing funding for development projects of over $2 billion
  • Conducts extensive property and market research for client confidence and satisfaction
  • Master of property development and Investment
  • Licensed real estate agent in NSW

Darren Turner

Due Dilligence Analyst

  • 20 years real estate investment and asset management expertise
  • Financial analysis and due diligence experience across all major property market sectors
  • Managed $75 Million real estate investment portfolio for high-net-worth investors
  • Real estate analysis and due diligence completed for $1 Billion office and retail portfolio
  • Chartered Valuation Surveyor, Master of Property and Master of Business Administration

George Hatzi

Property Analyst

  • Over 8 years experience in the property and construction industry
  • Specialises in extensive critical market analysis for commercial and residential sectors
  • Liaises with external parties to deliver accurate information to the client
  • Analyses crucial documents relevant to the property
  • Analyses the reliability of tenants

Alexander Donevski

Strategy and Acquisitions Co-ordinator

  • Sources four or more residential properties per week
  • Started in the reception role and quickly moved to strategy and acquisitions
  • Strategically source properties tailored to a client’s specific requirements
  • Intimate understanding of all markets functioning Australia wide

Ale Jones

Sales and Office Assistant

  • Worked in the facilities team for JLL at Google
  • Assists the team from sales and settlements to operations
  • Connects new clients to the property strategists and the financing team
  • Played an integral part in getting our new
  • Bondi Junction office ready for the team
  • Licenced assistant agent in NSW

Our partners

Sam Saad

Partner Rethink Property Lawyers

  • Founder of Rethink Property Lawyers
  • Over 10 years of experience in commercial property law
  • Over $2 billion worth of investment-grade commercial property transactions
  • Takes a proactive, commercial and pragmatic approach with all clients
  • Firmly believes that there’s always a solution to any problem that presents itself
  • Guided by the philosophy that legal advice should be timely, accessible and part of the solution
  • Extensive experience with providing tax advice on mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, corporate tax and other indirect taxes

Son Pham

Director Rethink Financing