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About Rethink Investing

Accumulating wealth through property investing

Investing in property can be an incredibly lucrative strategy to generate wealth by providing strong and stable returns on investment. The type of property (residential or commercial), location and investment type (cash-flow vs growth), all have a significant impact on the speed and quality of the returns that you will receive.

Premium property portfolios

The property portfolios that we build for our clients are robust and diverse and include a mixture of high-grade commercial and residential properties across varying markets. These superior portfolios are designed to weather any potential downfalls in the market by employing positive gearing, high cash-flow and capital growth strategies, and investing in high growth corridors Australia wide.

The Rethink Investing strategy

Access to ‘Pre’ and ‘off’ market properties allow you to accumulate more properties sooner, ultimately resulting in a multiplier effect on your capital gains in the long term.
Our experienced buyers’ agents are adept at identifying rare, high-grade commercial and residential investment properties which will generate significant cash returns on your initial investment.
We purchase houses with land (not apartments), dual key occupancy properties, commercial properties and build new housing developments. This gives you the ability to add value down the track though development, renovations, subdivisions.
We focus on rising markets at the beginning of their cycles. We then look deeper into these sub-markets to secure the highest yielding commercial and residential properties within these markets.
We assist you in creating a unique property investment plan which encompass your needs, goals and desired outcomes. We then help you to secure your ideal property.
We often source (and build) granny flats, duplexes and unit-blocks, which accommodate more than one tenant, so that we may garner a greater rental income for you and ultimately a higher cash-flow.

Mina & Scott O’Neill
’From 0 to $20 Million’

Property ownership has long been part of the Australian way of life. Until recently, the general strategy was to purchase a home in your city of residence and paying it off with a 30-year loan (whilst also paying considerable interest). However, this traditional way of investing is no longer viable with the price of the average house being around 14 times the average income compared to 5 times the average income in 1975. (Sydney used as the example).

Back in 2009, Mina and Scott set out to challenge this ‘traditional way’ of property ownership, by researching alternative markets where cash-flow and capital growth prospects were better than what was on offer in their local area. They followed strategy which involved purchasing properties with positive cash-flow but were also in high-growth areas. They also moved successfully into the commercial markets from a young age. Their growing property portfolio was quickly garnering a steady passive income, large enough that they could quit their jobs. Today they own 32 properties worth around $20 million, making them one of the most successful young property investing couples in Australia.

They have regularly been featured in major news publications because of these numbers. Also, they won the 2019 Strategic Investor of the year by Your Property Investment Magazine (recognising the importance of high yielding investing)

The Rethink Investing team

At Rethink Investing, we only work with the best talent to offer you superior service you can trust.
While our head office is based in Sydney, our buyer’s agents operate all across Australia.

Mina O’Neill


Scott O’Neill


Jennifer Drew

Business Manager

Robert Martin

Acquisitions Manager and Buyer’s Agent

Simon Greenfield

Property Strategist

Jamie Orr

Property Strategist

George Hatzi

Property Analyst

Edgar Hernandez

Senior Property Analyst

Jessica Sherwood

Settlements and Operations Co-ordinator

Alex Horder

Executive Assistant

Alexander Donevski

Strategy and Acquisitions Co-ordinator