Commercial investing
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Australia’s #1 Team of Commercial Buyer’s Agents

Who Can Invest?

Short answer: anyone! With the help of a commercial buyer’s agent, buying commercial property becomes seamless. A commercial buyer can help you source a property that ticks all the boxes, regardless of who you are.

We work with all types of buyers:

  • Investors looking to purchase a property for the first time.
  • Experienced buyers in residential property, but not commercial.
  • Experienced commercial real estate investors.

What is a Commercial Buyer’s Agent?

A commercial property buyer’s agent is a licensed professional who specialises in the sourcing of commercial real estate. They assist with evaluating and negotiating the purchase, advocating for the buyer.

A commercial property agent can help you:

  • Manage risks.
  • Learn about property investment.
  • Make decisions informed by experience.
  • Maximise returns.

I Want to Invest in Commercial Property, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Well, you can get started with a few easy steps:

  1. Get a Free Quote
    Contact a commercial buyer’s agent.
  2. Decide on Your Budget
    Brief your commercial buyer’s agent. Tell them how much
    you want to invest, and what your requirements are.
  3. Select Your Property
    Your commercial buyer’s agent will send you off-market and
    publicly listed investment properties for sale.
  4. Time to Lock In the Investment
    Say yes! When you’ve found the right property, lock it in by making an offer
    with the help of your commercial buyer’s agent (and their strong negotiating skills).

Properties You Can Buy with a Commercial Property Buyer

We build premium, robust and diverse property portfolios for our clients. Our level of access allows you to accrue more investment properties sooner, resulting in a multiplier effect on your long term capital gains.

We work with the following property types:

  • Off-market properties
  • Shopping complexes
  • Office spaces
  • Industrial complexes
  • Retail assets and more.

Why Choose Us?

Known as the #1 commercial buyer’s agent team in Australia, the Rethink Investing team helps investors everywhere. We have helped our clients purchase over $1 billion in property and this experience will put you in safe hands. We have a dedicated due-diligence team and a dedicated acquisitions team to find you the best properties in the market. Through their client work as well as their focus on educational presence in the media, you can access Scott and Mina’s insights in the media here.

What sets us apart:

  • Our meticulous approach and due diligence. 
  • Our negotiating skills, to help you get the best deals and conditions.
  • Our experience means you can have peace of mind, knowing your decisions are well-informed and backed by a trusted professional. 
  • Our knowledge of details such as planning restrictions, design issues and redevelopment potential.
  • Our focus on rising markets at the beginning of their cycles, before we look deeper for the commercial properties with the highest potential rental yield.



“I just used Rethink to purchase my first commercial investment property. It was great to have Scott and the team make sure I was getting a great investment without having to do all the time-consuming research myself. I’ll definitely be getting another property through these guys again soon!” – Tez Upton

“Really pleased with the result of our recent commercial property purchase. Scott and the team at Rethink Investing were thorough in their market research and due diligence. I will be using Rethink Investing for all future purchases.” – Damian Fletcher

“We have purchased two commercial properties with Rethink in the past year and are now moving towards our third as we have transitioned from residential property to commercial. Excellent results, undoubtedly industry leaders.” – Tom Pettifer


A commercial buyer’s agent specialises in commercial real estate. Rethink Investing are Australia’s largest commercial buyer’s agency and their goal is to set the buyer up for passive rental income. Real estate agents, on the other hand, don’t have that same commitment to long term client returns.

Most commercial properties require a 30-35% deposit for lending. Some lenders do offer 20% however this is circumstantial.

If correct due diligence is performed, commercial property can be lower risk than residential. Commercial property is less susceptible to market volatility due to longer lease lengths.

This is not true. Statistically, well located commercial properties can grow on par, if not more than residential properties.

Look for a commercial buyer’s agent that clearly advocates for the buyer. Look for a proven track record too. Make sure your buyer’s agent has years of purchasing commercial properties at all price levels. Rethink Investing sets an industry benchmark with the team’s professionalism and trusted reputation, communicating with clients through each step of the process. See more of Rethink’s success stories here.

While we are based in Sydney, we work all over Australia. From travelling interstate to advising clients in all parts of the country, we can work anywhere.

We love questions. Give us a ring and ask us some more!

To get started, let’s have an obligation-free chat about your goals.

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