Industrial Warehouse

  • Current Net Income: $117,070 + GST + tenants pay outgoings
  • 5+5 year lease
  • Essential service industrial tenant

Building Type: Warehouse
Building Area: 1,196m2

Land Area: 2,008m2
WALE: 4.5

How we helped this client

Our valued client was looking for a high yielding secure investment as a first commercial property. They already had a large residential portfolio and they needed to boost their income. This investment was the perfect fit as it is located in a capital city, had a 4.5 year WALE and the tenant was in the cold storage industry, which is a good defensive style of tenant for all economic conditions. This was a high quality building with an expensive fit out for the tenant. After completing the due-diligence we came to the conclusion it would be difficult and costly for this tenant to move. The property was also located in a high growth corridor which should increase the chances of stronger than normal capital over the coming years.

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