High yielding freehold investment with global tenants

  • 8.21% net income + growth
  • Multi-tenanted
  • Potential to raise the rent

Building Type: Industrial Asset
Building Area: 2,731sqm

Land Area: 4600m2

How we helped this client

This was our valued client’s first of three properties that we’ve helped them purchase. We introduced them to the concept of purchasing quality industrial properties as a great long term investment for both cash-flow, low maintenance and capital growth. This investment didn’t disappoint as it came with four tenants (two of them being multinationals). We purchased this at a 8.21% yield where the market average was 7%. This represented a 17.28% below market value purchase. When we completed our due-diligence on this asset, we found there was actually $23,000 more income being achieved by the asset than was advertised. This was a big win for our clients’ return figures. This 2,731sqm building comes with four separate tenancies that spread the income risk for our client. Two of these tenants are global logistics businesses. Importantly for logistics type properties, it also has drive thru capability from street to street which a lot of other buildings do not have. Rethink Investing specialises in industrial properties as they represent a good long term capital growth option as the e-commerce and logistics markets continue their growth in a post/current COVID world.

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