Entire shopping complex!

  • Abundant onsite parking (approx. 27 bays)
  • Generous depreciation scheme
  • Anchored by established long term national tenant: NightOwl – on a 7 year lease with two five year options

Building Type: Retail
Building Area: 419m2

NLA: 2,597m2
WALE: 2.5

How we helped this client

This is our valued client’s first purchase with Rethink Investing.
We had to exit out of an industrial property purchase contract that was unconditional before this purchase. Our due-diligence team found an issue with that asset. However, this one was a great and clean deal. We found some discrepancies in the income, resulting in a $70,000 discount on the price. Our client is now unconditional on this one of a kind asset.

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