7x Industrial Properties Secured

  • $419,241.20 (after subtracting all outlays including management fees and land tax)
  • 1% vacancy rates plus this is Across the road from Bunnings
  • Totaling 4,925m2 mixed-use land parcel

Building Type: Industrial Properties
Building area: 2,689sqm consisting of 7 units

Total Land Area: 4,925m2

Here’s an illustration of a noteworthy deal we recently orchestrated for seven of our valued clients. The average size deal was $974,000 located in a high growth location of Brisbane.
This property was listed online. Within 3 days there were over 20 people putting offers in the property. Including 3 other buyer’s agencies. With our superior relationship and negotiation skills, we were able to secure all seven of these properties ahead of the others. On an individual basis, we even secured a few of the properties well below the value external offers on the same property.

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