High Net Worth Investors

High Net Worth Investors

Purchased for $6,400,000

8.36% Net Yield Freehold Corner Site

Purchased for $1,250,000

7.22% Net Yield Retail Asset

Purchased for $8,250,000

6.41% Net Yield Victorian Hospital

Purchased for $2,350,000

8.56% Net Yield Freehold Industrial

Purchased for $15,000,000

6.56% Net Yield Retail & Childcare

Purchased for $12,000,000

6.05% Net Yield Office & Warehouse

If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to be classed as a high net worth investor, have you ever considered the benefits of having 100% ownership in a quality commercial building? The returns far outweigh those of managed funds because there are less fees involved and you enjoy all of your profit, rather than sharing them with other investors or the fund manager. Returns can be in excess of 40% return on equity (see examples above).

Right now there is a boom in commercial property in Australia, for example industrial assets which target the likes of storage and logistics businesses. Medical type properties like dentists, day surgeries and multi-tenant medical centres have become increasingly popular with investors. We have also seen the resurgences of neighhood shopping centres as convenience based retail shopping booms after COVID.

As Australia’s largest commercial buyer’s agency, Rethink Investing has a niche in Australia. Through our contacts we gain access to high grade commercial properties between $3million-$20million, where over 90% of the properties we help our clients purchase are off-market in this price range. Buying off-market means we can purchase properties before anyone else knows they are for sale. This means less competition when negotiatiating, lower prices, higher yields, and ultimately better returns for you.

To help you invest effortlessly into the lucrative world of commercial property, we carry out 100% of the due-diligence on properties. This includes but is not limited to: interviewing tenants, verifying outgoings and income, confirming the payment history of tenant via tenant ledgers and carrying out a full risk analysis on the asset and the tenant’s business. This is all summarised in a report for you before you go unconditional on a property’s contract.

We also have inhouse specialist commercial solicitors and mortgage brokers to help with all aspects of finance and legal reviews.

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