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As buyer’s agents with over 110 combined years of experience in the industry, our team at Rethink Investing have seen firsthand the growth and potential of the commercial real estate market in Brisbane. This vibrant city is a hub for business, tourism, and innovation, making it an ideal location for investing in commercial properties.

In this article, we explore the best investment suburbs Brisbane and interstate property investors should know about, offering some key details on their potential for the future.


Why Choose Commercial Property Investments in the Brisbane Property Market?


Brisbane is a dynamic city with a strong economy and a renewed focus on business and innovation. As the third-largest city in Australia, it has a population of over 2.6 million people and is projected to grow by another 1 million by 2030.

The city has excellent connectivity to other parts of Australia and the wider world, with a major seaport and airport with a new gateway to Asia on the way. Brisbane suburbs also offer a high quality of life, with a warm climate, picturesque beaches, and a full range of cultural and recreational activities, often leaving it ranked as one of the best destinations to live in the world.

Brisbane’s commercial property market is robust and diverse, with opportunities ranging from retail and industrial spaces to office buildings and hotels. With the upcoming 2023 Brisbane Olympic Games now confirmed, over $18 billion in social and economic benefits are expected to be introduced to the state, as well as $25 billion in major infrastructure projects and $5.4 billion in transportation services, such as the 10km Cross River Rail.

Be sure to review our commercial property buying guide for investors for more on the benefits of adding this particular type of Brisbane investment property to your portfolio.


Best Suburbs in Brisbane to Invest In


With the exciting future ahead for southeast Queensland, many savvy investors are looking at investment properties in Brisbane to bolster their portfolios. Here are some of the best Brisbane suburbs to invest in:


Caboolture, located 44 km away from Brisbane in the northern suburbs, is a promising destination for those seeking commercial real estate in the Queensland capital. The area is renowned for its regional transport hub, providing ample opportunities for interstate trading and business, not to mention large retail centres like Caboolture Square and Caboolture Park Shopping Centre, which regularly attract a high volume of foot traffic.

While not as aesthetic as some other areas across the state, Caboolture boasts high-end amenities, infrastructure developments, and all other necessary facilities expected of a developing suburb, coupled with affordable property prices, high capital growth rate, and low vacancy rates for better rental yields.

Deception Bay

Deception Bay is a coastal suburb found within the Moreton Bay Region, just 32 km north of the Brisbane CBD, and has quickly become a nation-leading growth market. In recent years, the area has seen a raft of new projects introduced to improve its appeal and attract new businesses, such as the $250 million Laguna North Lakes project and Moreton Bay Marine Park.

With commercial real estate’s emerging trends suggesting this growth will continue, as well as a relatively strong median yield, investors should certainly review this area for their portfolio.


Capalaba is a gateway suburb offering a traditional shopping and business hub in Redland City. Located approximately 19 kilometres east of Brisbane city centre, the suburb offers quick access to the city and commercial spots with various leisure, cultural, and neighbourhood experiences.

Investors will find a range of properties, including industrial precincts, multi-tenant opportunities, retail spaces, offices and more just a short distance from the water. Capalaba has the second highest population density in the Redlands, fuelling the need for enormous shopping and commercial centres and a fully equipped train station and transport hub. The suburb also has light industrial zones surrounded by bushland and residential streets, and its location on the Gateway Motorway provides excellent connectivity to the Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport, and other major industrial areas.

Spring Hill

Spring Hill is an inner-city suburb located only 2 kilometres north of the Brisbane city centre, leaving many to see it as an extension of the CBD itself. As such, the suburb is an attractive location for businesses that require proximity to the city, and has a strong focus on commercial development, with a range of industrial, warehouse, office and retail spaces available. The area’s commercial properties also benefit from its location on the Inner-City Bypass, which provides easy access to major arterial roads and public transportation.


Loganholme is said to be right in the middle of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, tucked away in the south Brisbane area, approximately 26 kilometres from the CBD. It is a rapidly growing suburb with a focus on commercial development, particularly the Hyperdome Shopping Centre, which is a large retail centre that holds a variety of different stores, restaurants, cinemas, medical services, and leisure activities, as well as multiple bus routes. The area’s commercial properties benefit from its location on the Pacific Motorway, offering direct access to the Gold Coast and other major industrial areas.


Annerley is an inner-city suburb located approximately 4 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD. One of the biggest draws for investors looking to the future is the coming Olympic Games in 2023. Research often finds that suburbs within close proximity to major sports facilities, stadiums and venues experience an excellent boost from such global events, and Annerley is situated especially close to the Gabba, which is receiving a massive redevelopment in anticipation of both the Olympic and Paralympic games. As such, an injection in demand for local businesses is expected to ramp up in the coming years.

Moreover, the suburb boasts convenient access to key amenities like the Pacific Motorway and commuter rail.

West End

West End is an inner-city suburb located approximately 2 kilometres southwest of the Brisbane city centre. The suburb has a strong focus on culture and creativity, which continues to attract strong buyer demand from businesses in the arts, entertainment and hospitality sectors. In fact, this area of South Brisbane has established itself as one of the nation’s premier lifestyle hubs, welcoming a selection of new fine dining restaurants, fast food establishments, and retail precincts to accompany the existing range of performing arts venues, art galleries, museums, and a variety of upscale dining options, as well as stunning riverbank parklands. There is also a variety of showrooms, offices, factories, warehouses and vacant land available throughout the area.

Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point is an inner-city, riverside suburb located approximately 1-kilometre southeast of the CBD, offering a seamless blend of urban life and unmatched natural beauty.

Kangaroo Point is a popular location for businesses requiring proximity to the city centre and preferring riverfront access. The area’s commercial properties benefit from its location on the South-East Freeway, which delivers easy access to major arterial roads and public transportation.

Sitting directly east of the Brisbane River and adjacent to Woolloongabba – the main stadium for the coming 2032 Olympic Games – investors can expect both high capital growth and strong yields from a growing demand for offices, shopping & retail precincts, medical & consulting facilities, warehouses, and industrial facilities.

This suburb also aligns perfectly with a developing trend in real estate, namely the desire for cost-effective apartments in desirable, lifestyle-oriented areas. Commercial apartment complexes have seen the median rents for units grow by 14.6% over the past 12 months, making it an attractive option for those seeking value in a prime location.


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