Best Investment Suburbs in Perth Property Market


Property investors often overlook Western Australia when seeking new opportunities to expand their portfolios. Given their higher populations and economic diversity, the capital cities in the eastern states receive far more coverage regarding their real estate market trends.

Ignoring the potential for sites in the West would be a mistake, however, as there is ample evidence for future growth to be capitalised on.

In this article, our specialists at Rethink Investing will delve into the best investment suburbs Perth offers for commercial property in 2023, providing valuable insights for investors looking to take advantage of the many opportunities on the market. We will explore each suburb’s unique characteristics and growth potential, ensuring you make informed decisions on the next addition to your portfolio.


Why Choose Commercial Property Investments in Perth?


Perth is rapidly emerging as a hotbed for commercial property investment. Boasting a robust economy driven by diverse industries such as mining, tourism, and technology, the city’s strategic location on the Indian Ocean Rim is in a prime position for positive growth. Furthermore, the city’s low but growing population and considerable infrastructure investments, such as the Metronet rail expansion, underline Perth suburbs’ potential as a thriving commercial property market.

As the commercial market tightens, a decrease in rental yield emerges, ultimately contributing to consistent price growth. The ability to arrange long-term leases is another popular feature of some commercial properties, which can extend beyond even a decade, making it possible to embed yearly rent escalations into the agreement.

Commercial occupants bring stability and yield robust returns. As such, investors seeking long-term appreciation and strong rental yields can capitalise on Perth’s burgeoning commercial landscape.

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Best Suburbs to Invest in Perth


To assist you in navigating the Perth investment property landscape, we have identified the top suburbs offering outstanding commercial property opportunities in central Perth. Each suburb has distinct advantages, including prime locations, major employment zones, thriving local economies, and strong demand for commercial spaces.


Belmont, situated just 10 km east of Perth’s CBD, offers excellent connectivity and transport infrastructure. The area is chiefly characterised by its vast selection of industrial, warehousing and office spaces, in addition to an array of retail properties surrounding the popular Belmont Forum Shopping Centre.
Situated in close proximity to Perth Airport, Great Eastern Highway, and Tonkin Highway, Belmont serves as a prime location for transportation and storage facilities. The Belmont Business Park offers an optimal setting for various enterprises and currently houses more than 800 commercial properties in Belmont, encompassing sectors such as manufacturing, construction, wholesale commerce, professional and technical services, as well as medical and additional healthcare services.

Canning Vale

Canning Vale is a well-established industrial and commercial hub located 22 kilometres south of the Perth CBD. Home to the bustling Canning Vale Markets and Canning Vale Industrial Estate, this suburb offers a variety of commercial property options, from modern office buildings to expansive warehouse facilities. With ongoing infrastructure projects such as the NorthLink WA road network and easy access to major transport links, Canning Vale’s appeal as a prime investment opportunity continues to grow.


Forrestdale, nestled 30 kilometres southeast of the Perth CBD, is an emerging commercial hotspot. This suburb features a range of commercial property opportunities, including industrial land developments, office parks, and retail spaces.
Forrestdale’s expanding population and recently completed infrastructure projects, such as the Armadale Road upgrade, make it a compelling choice for investors seeking long-term growth. Additionally, the suburb’s proximity to the picturesque Darling Scarp and the Armadale City Centre enhances its desirability for businesses and investors.


Kewdale is another thriving industrial and logistics hub 11 kilometres east of Perth’s CBD. Encompassing the junctions of Tonkin Highway, Leach Highway, Abernathy Road, Orrong Road, and Roe Highway, Kewdale’s proximity to major transport links provides quick and convenient access to Perth Airport, the city’s primary roads, and eastern highways for businesses. Naturally, this makes it an attractive option for investors seeking commercial property investments in logistics centres and warehousing facilities.
In fact, Kewdale’s commercial real estate offerings are filled with industrial, warehouse, and office spaces for lease or purchase, benefitting from exceptional accessibility for large-scale transportation and logistics operations.
The robust infrastructure and growing industries within the area ensure Kewdale continues to hold an appeal to commercial property investors in Perth.


Regarded as one of Perth’s primary industrial and commercial real estate hubs, Welshpool is home to a multitude of warehouses, factories, storage facilities, and office suites. Just 12 km southeast of the CBD,
Welshpool encompasses the intersections of four major arterial roads in Perth: Leach Highway, Orrong Road, Welshpool Road, and Roe Highway. This strategic location provides seamless access to Perth Airport, Tonkin Highway, and Great Eastern Highway for commercial investment properties in the area.
Given its prime location, the Welshpool Industrial Area has a high concentration of transportation and manufacturing companies, resulting in a continuous turnover of commercial real estate available for leasing and buying. The suburb’s growing population and strong local industries only add to its property investment appeal.


Balcatta is a thriving commercial and industrial hub located 14 kilometres north of Perth’s CBD. The suburb offers a variety of commercial property investment opportunities, including light industrial facilities, showrooms, large format retail centres and high-quality office spaces.
Balcatta’s strategic location and strong local economy make it an attractive option for investors. Additionally, the suburb is home to the Stirling Central Shopping Centre, which further bolsters its commercial property investment potential by driving foot traffic and consumer spending.


At just a 25-minute drive north of the CBD, Wangara offers a wealth of commercial property investment opportunities in Perth. Within a bustling commercial precinct, there is a selection of industrial estates, development sites, warehousing, showrooms, and large office blocks.
With such a diverse range of commercial property options, Wangara caters to a wide variety of business needs. The suburb’s recent infrastructure developments, such as the Wanneroo Road and Ocean Reef Roa upgrades, ensure that Wangara remains well-connected and continues to attract commercial property investment attention in Perth.


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