Best Suburbs to Invest in Darwin


Darwin – the thriving capital city of the Northern Territory – is experiencing a surge in popularity as a prime commercial real estate investment destination. With its unique blend of natural beauty, tropical climate, and flourishing economy, this city is attracting investor activity from all over the globe.

But where to look? The Darwin real estate market is home to diverse industries, a strong tourist sector, and a flurry of infrastructure projects either underway or on the horizon. To help you focus your search on new opportunities, our specialists at Rethink Investing have compiled some of the best suburbs to invest in Darwin.


Why Choose Commercial Real Estate in Darwin Over Other Capital Cities?


If you are ready to take the plunge into the lucrative world of commercial real estate, the Darwin property market is widely regarded as an untapped gem.

The city is experiencing a prosperous economy driven by robust mining, tourism, and defence sectors. You can also capitalise on Darwin’s international appeal, with its unique, strategic position as the gateway to Asia, connecting local industries to foreign markets and fuelling further demand for commercial spaces.

There is a selection of ongoing infrastructure projects in progress, too, such as the Ship Lift and Marine Industry Park, set to boost the local economy further. The Northern Territory’s investment portfolio has reached almost $15 billion worth of committed projects, and there is also nearly $40 billion worth of planned and proposed projects to follow.

The increasing demand for commercial spaces in Darwin translates into some of the highest yields available for investors. With its diverse economy and potential for long-term capital growth, a Darwin investment property offers the perfect opportunity to future-proof your investment portfolio.

For more on how to get started in this field, review our commercial property buying guide for investors.


Best Suburbs to Invest in Darwin


When it comes to investing in commercial real estate in Darwin, several suburbs offer attractive opportunities, including:

Darwin City

Darwin City is the commercial epicentre of the Northern Territory, boasting a diverse range of investment opportunities, including retail, office, hospitality, and residential properties. Its proximity to major government and corporate tenants, as well as transport and logistics hubs, makes it a highly attractive location for businesses and investors alike.

What’s more, the ‘Darwin City Deal’ between the Australian Government and Northern Territory Government is set to inject $200 million over ten years to revitalise the city centre, with a new education & civic precinct, outdoor dining and entertainment areas, redevelopment of laneways and small streets, and much more.

As the city experiences further population growth and a thriving tourism industry, demand for affordable housing in the moderately priced, inner-city areas has surged. Large-scale apartment complexes have seen apartment prices grow while maintaining high rental yields to be found, leaving Darwin city as a compelling option for investors seeking to capitalise on such a central location.

Rapid Creek

Rapid Creek is a seaside suburb just 10-15 minutes from the CBD. While still a small area, there has been a noticeable population increase in recent years, driving more demand for local businesses. There is close proximity to the city and major shopping centres, such as Casuarina Square and the Rapid Creek Business Village, offering a range of commercial property types that cater to a local community, from retail spaces to office units, offering a variety that allows investors to select properties that suit their investment objects and risk profiles.

Boasting several schools and educational institutions within walking distance, as well as the famous Rapid Creek Markets – Darwin’s oldest markets – this area is a major draw for families. Although one of the more expensive suburbs in the Darwin market, there are still enviable annual yields on offer with unit complexes, delivering a far more cost-effective option for investors.


Nightcliff is a coastal getaway in the northern suburbs, located just 11 kilometres from the city centre, that has seen a remarkable growth in the commercial property market.

This growth in median value is due to Nightcliff’s enviable coastal lifestyle, attracting a diverse mix of residents and businesses. The suburb’s close proximity to Darwin’s Central Business District further positions it as a key player in the local economy. John Stokes Square recently saw major redevelopments, rejuvenating the space for community engagement, and helping investors capitalise on the area’s growing hospitality and tourism industry.


Situated just 25 kilometres from Darwin’s Central Business District, Bakewell benefits from its proximity to the city while maintaining a relaxed suburban atmosphere. The suburb is well-connected to public transport routes and major arterial roads like the Stuart Highway, providing easy access to shopping centres, schools, and employment hubs.
Properties in the area are also comparatively more affordable while still delivering above-average annual yields. Rental prices for units, in particular, have grown 11.5% in the last year alone.

Bakewell’s infrastructure has seen significant investment in recent years, with new schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational amenities attracting a growing population. The completion of the Palmerston Regional Hospital, the Sanctuary Lakes Park and the Gateway Shopping Centre has boosted the local economy and increased demand for both residential and commercial properties in the area.


Located just 15 kilometres from Darwin’s Central Business District, Malak is ideally positioned to benefit from the city’s growth while retaining its unique suburban charm. As a fairly new suburb in the wider Darwin property market, Malak has seen a dramatic shift from social housing to a new surge in demand for homes and local businesses. This is largely due to some significant infrastructure investment in recent years, with new schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational amenities catering to a growing population.

The suburb’s expanding retail and dining scene has created a vibrant community hub that attracts locals and visitors alike. With consistent population growth, the demand for commercial spaces, such as retail shops, restaurants, and offices, is also likely to grow, offering opportunities for investors.


Rosebery offers a rare combination of natural beauty and contemporary life. Nestled just 25 kilometres from Darwin’s CBD, the suburb provides a serene environment surrounded by lush parks and nature reserves, while still connected to the conveniences and amenities of the city, attracting a diverse mix of residents and visitors, fuelling demand for more spaces for local businesses.

Rosebery’s commercial sector showcases a diverse range of opportunities, from modern office and warehouse spaces, to specialty retail shops, service providers, and schools. Commercial apartment complexes are also seeing strong capital growth, with unit prices rising considerably over the past five years. Despite the higher prices, there have been remarkably low vacancy rates, and as such, median rents for units have grown 20.7% in the last 12 months alone.

The Gardens

The Gardens is just 3 kilometres from the Darwin CBD and is steeped in the unique history and community significance. It holds the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, and much more, drawing in those who appreciate such rich, cultural offerings. The area also offers stunning coastal views, green spaces, and an idyllic environment that attracts a diverse mix of residents, from professionals to retirees to families with young children, building strong demand for commercial spaces that can accommodate new businesses.

Only a few minutes from the CBD, locals have convenient access to the city’s amenities and employment opportunities. The Garden’s local commercial sector also showcases a range of boutique opportunities, including specialty retail shops, art galleries, and fine dining establishments catering to the community’s discerning tastes.


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